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 The 5th Five Year Development Plan

The Collection of 5th Five Years Development Plan of Islamic Republic Of Iran in the field of Transportation
Article 161
    The government is authorized to proceed to run flight line and goods and passenger transportation from outside the country to an international airport inside and vice versa through Iranian and foreign companies in appropriation to the volume of international transportation demand.
    The government shall diversify the rate of passenger and goods transportation service up to the end of the first year of the plan and realize price from the third year of the plan while completely liberating the price of air transportation service, airport and flight network service, canceling obligatory discount or any exemption in field of utilization of air navigation, airport, landing and take-off, flight services, and the transfer of building and other related issues.
    Note: Service for air navigation assistance, landing and take-off shall be exclusively provided by the state airports company (government).
    To organize air transportation affairs to boost competitiveness with the attitude of cancelling the exclusiveness in air transportation of I.R.Iran Airline company including Articles 5 and 7 of the Law amending some articles of the Law for establishing Iran Airline company enacted on April 26,1995 , and to transfer to cooperative and private sectors and to render optimal service in air industry and to administer appropriate sovereignty, the government shall legally amend duties and powers and responsibilities of state Aviation organization to promote and to make appropriate duties and powers of this organization with respect to its sovereignty – oriented character, and shall also amend the constitution of the Iran Airline company up to the end of the second year of the plan.
    To increase the safety level of airplanes, airports and to reach international standards and as well as complete radar cover, navigation and frequency coverage of the country and airport, the government shall act through completion or renovation of radar and navigation installation and utilization of global satellite navigation infrastructure and reorganization of the country's space to shorten and economize internal and international air channels and to increase transit flights up to the end of the plan.
Article 162
The execution of the law for development of fuel management and public transportation enacted on Dec 9, 2007 will be extended up to the end of the plan.
Article 163
    To provide those resources required to develop, maintain and utilize road transportation affairs, Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization is authorized to collect duties from the transportation of goods and passengers in roads across the country except rural an nomadic roads on Ton/Km and Person/Km basis, as suggested by General Assembly of Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization to be approved by the council of Economy.
    The amount of the duties on Ton/Km basis for inside goods transportation to be collected from international transportation companies operating transit goods transportation and foreign transit shall be suggested by the ministry of Road and Urban Development and shall be fined by the council of Economy.
    The organization shall receive the compensation for all damages incurred to the installations and building by the damaging party.
    To help to equipment of rural transportation fleet and the construction of goods and passengers terminals and en-route welfare-service complexes by cooperative and private sector- war sacrificers cooperatives are prioritized, funds are paid from internal resources of companies affiliated to the Ministry of road and Urban development under the administered funds.
    Road Transportation Companies are allowed to obtain their required trucks having current standards and less than 3 years old, as confirmed by the organization of Road Maintenance and Transportation provided that they provide after-sale service as mentioned in the car customers' protection law enacted on Jun 13, 2007. The government is authorized to grant custom facilities and discounts in this respect. These discounts are given when an old truck with over 25 year's old record is replaced by an imported truck. The executive by-law for the implementation of this note will be executed by the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, Ministry of Economic and financial Affairs and the Directorate, then to be approved by the cabinet of ministers within 6 months as of the ratification of this law.
    To utilize the capacities, potential and the geographical position of the country optimum;
        Coordinated by the statistics center of Iran and with its participation, the ministry of Road and urban Development shall proceed to establish the comprehensive data Bank for state transportation, the installation of comprehensive Transportation accidents and Tolls information system covering the information received from police, Health Treatment, Road Maintenance and Transport Organization ,Civil aviation ,ports and civil aviation, ports and navigation, Rail Road company and Other related organizations to assimilate, clarify to provide accurate and usable information in analyses and to fix national safety plans and goals.
        To meet present and potential demands and reach a suitable status in environment, transportation, economy, energy and safety fields, the comprehensive plan of state will be approved by the cabinet of minister up to the end of the third plan .When approved, the commencement of all new projects of development and construction of transportation infrastructures will be implemented in accordance with this plan and under the annual budget.
        The government shall provide legal mechanisms required to decrease the amount of traffic fatalities due to road accidents in the country during the implementation of this plan.
    To facilitate trade , to make transportation activities competitive with respect to the relative advantages in the chain of international and regional transportation service and supply, the government in authorized to:
        Support the establishment of logistic parks, construction of terminals, goods and passengers mixed transportation towns and to develop dry ports by the cooperative and private sectors.
        To prepare the location plan for container terminals mixed transportation terminals in the main roads and transit roads of state network, the both North-South and East – west, as well as Asian Network, through private and cooperative sectors up to the end of the second year of the plan and its implementation.
        To provide those mechanisms required to increase the foreign transit of goods, namely up to 10% annually up to the end of the plan.
Note: All of received money subject of Notes A, B, C of this article, when collected, shall be deposited with the account belonging to Road Maintenance and Transportation organization before General Treasury to be used in the organization according to the annual budget.
Note 2: Concerning the cases under Note D of this article and the establishment of fueling stations as well, the ministry of Agricultural Jihad shall proceed to transfer the right of utilizing lands of national resources located in the suburbs on preferred or gratis (free) price basis in line with those policies approved by the council of Economy as recommended by the ministry of Road and Urban Development.
Article 164
To promote developmental approach in rail transportation network and to increase the passengers and goods portion by the operation of cooperative and private sector, and to divide sovereignty – oriented duties and service – based ones in the field of transportation, the government is authorized to take legal actions amend the structure and modify the Articles of Association (statute) of Iran's Rail Road to assign the non-sovereignty – oriented section, to private and cooperative sector, to build new capacity by private and cooperative sectors, and to provide the grounds in order to use domestic and foreign resources with the aim o development and promotion of rail activities.
To support rail transportation of goods and passengers, the government may transfer some part of projects for improvement, equipment and capacity augment of infrastructures including two-lane widening, electrifying, tracking and station development to private and cooperative sectors through such arrangements as participation, construction, BOT, EPCF, accompanied with transfer of privileges like use of rail transportation infrastructures and assignment having access permission up to the return of capital and mutually agreed profit.
Article 165
To promote competitiveness in the field of state marine transportation, the higher council of ports and maritime organization may prepare al flexible system for fixing port and marine service tariffs in appropriation to the conditions of supply and demand to be studied and approved by the council of Economy.
Article 166
To boost the status of the country in international air transportation network and to increase income resulting from transit and goods and passengers transportation and productive employment, to promote the level of Imam Khomeini. International Airport to the first hub of cargo transportation in the region and the second hub of passenger transportation with insisting on the airport independence in managerial, financial and organizational aspects and to provide stable flow of financial resources for beneficiaries, the government shall take the below – mentioned actions:
    To develop an airport town in the area adjacent to Imam Khomeini International Airport and a free Trade Zone and Economic Special Zone in a part the lands belonging to the airport to provide insurance, banking and other services for airport town, such as tourism, medicine, welfare and…..
    Note: The Locations of free trade zone and Economic special zone will be at the end of western – Southern wing of the aerial section of the airport measured at 1500 hectares and 2500 hectares, respectively .The administration of the airport city mentioned in this article, including the said two Economic special zone and free trade zone will be borne to be a governmental company affiliated to the specialized Holding company for state Airports whose articles of association shall be suggested by the ministry of Roads and urban Development and the Directorate and approved by the cabinet.
    To build and complete infrastructures required in which the construction of the second phase of the airport is a priority.
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