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 The Overall Goals of Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization

Improving the security level and arranging assistant facilities in various branches of transportation.
    Using the geographical position of the country for increasing the amount of goods transit, passengers, and developing international and regional cooperation through defining and establishing international transporting corridors and equiping the border terminals for developing the transportation transit.
    Providing profitable legal situation for denationalizing and attracting internal and abroad capital cooperation for different activities in transportation.
    Decreasing the charges, economizing the activities, increasing the productivity, improving qualitative aspects of human resources and improving the quality of services in transportation section.
    Clarifying the financial burdes in order to determining the differencial of the financial load according obliged and competitive tariffs (that was finished and obeyed by social strategies), and receiving the costs of presented services in road transportation for commercializing transportation services.
    Signifying the maintaining and renovating of infrastructure according to performing new plans and projects, and also improving the level of education for making better conditions for the maintaining ways, investigating in the field of developing the capacity of repair shops of fleet , and also providing the pieces for increasing the quality of maintaining and the coefficient of security.
    Developing commercial and marketing activities in road transformation.
    Developing multi dimensional, compound and container transportation and performing relativity at road transportation.
    Developing the infrastructure of section which are based on transporting request and confirming the technical-economical interpretation, canceling bottle-neck that limited speed, capacity, and safety, and also using profitable technology at the existence networks in order to increase the productivity and capacity.
    Using equipments and fleet with new technology at road transportation and allocating the acquired resources from economy dilapiated fleet and power consuming (reducing the environmental pollution and increasing safety).
    Developing and improving informational technology, amending the methods, mechanizing the systems and also providing electronic exchange of information.
    Developing social security, completing and generalizing the insurance coverage in different road transportation activities.
    Improving the scientific and practical studies and researches in different road transportation activities for making better the management system, executive planning, monitoring, and optimal allocation of resources.
    Decreasing the executive period of infrastructure, maintaining, and exploiting (developing and renovating boats) projects.
    Reforming the existence human resources, attracting, preparing and organizing the specialized resources in the field of road transportation.


Law related to sub-section of Road Transportation
Article 163-A:
To provide and attract required resources to develop and maintain and utilize road transportation Facilities, the organization for Road maintenance and Transportation is hereby authorized to collect Tolls from passengers and goods transportation in roads of the country except rural and Nomadic Roads on the Tone-Km and person-Km basis as recommended by the General assembly of the organization which should be approved by the council of economy.

Article 163-B:
The amount of tolls for each tone – Km goods transportation inside the country received from international transportation companies operating in field of foreign transit and transit goods, shall be recommended by the ministry of Roads and urban development and approved by the council of Economy.

Article 163-C:
The whole damages incurred to road buildings and installations shall be compensated by the damaging person and this compensation shall be paid to the organization.

Article 163-D:
To support rural road transportation fleet and the establishment of goods and passenger terminals and rural welfare service complex by cooperative and private sections for which war sacrificers cooperatives prevail, internal funds of the ministry of Roads and urban Development are consumed as a form of administered money.
Iranian road transportation companies are permitted to register in the name of their companies required trucks enjoying current standards and with the lifetime less than 3 years as discerned and confirmed by the organization subject to the provision of after – sale service mentioned in the Law protecting car consumer's rights enacted 13. June.2004

Article 163-E:
The government is allowed to provide customs Facilities and discounts in this regard. These discounts shall be applied if a truck burnout with over 25 years old is removed against an imported truck.
The by-Law for executing this part shall be prepared by the ministry of road and transportation and ministry of finance and economic affairs, and shall be approved by the cabinet within 6 months as of the passage of this Law.

Article 163-F-1:
Cooperating and involving Iran statistics center, the ministry of Roads and urban Development is obliged to build the state comprehensive transportation Data bank and comprehensive Transportation Accident information system, covering information received from police, Medical Services, road Maintenance organizations state Aviation, port and Navigation, Rail Road company and other concerned organization with the aim of aggregation, clarification and the provision of correct data and information usable in the analysis and codification of goals and National safety plans, the statistical reports of Transportation of country is published by the Iran statistics center annually.

Article 163-F-2:
The comprehensive plan for state Transportation in order to meet real and potential demands and to reach appropriate status in environment, transportation, economy and energy areas up to the end of the time scope of the third plan shall be approved by the cabinet of ministers. When approved all of the new plans for development and construction of transportation infrastructure are allowed to be implemented within annual budgets.

Article 163-F-3:
The government is obliged to provide required legal mechanism to reduce 10% Per – Year of casualties resulting from car accidents state road, during the time scope of the plan.

Article 163-F-1:
To support the establishment of logistic parks, terminals, cargo-passenger mixed transportation towns and expansion of dry ports by cooperatives and private sectors.

Article 163-F-2:
To prepare Location plan for containers terminal and mixed (hybrid) transportation in main net and transit routes of the country including north-south and west-East directions and Asia net up to the end of the second year of time scope of the plan, and to implement it by cooperatives and private sectors.

Article 163-F-3:
Required mechanisms to increase foreign transit capacity for cargo, equal to %10 per annual up to the end of the plan

    Item 1
    All of received money from the implementation of notes A to C of this article shall be deposited with the account of Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization before the General Treasury to be consumed in accordance to its annual budget.
    Item 2
    For the Provision of D of this Article and as well as the Case of establishment of fueling stations, the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture shall transfer the utilization right from national resource lands located Outside rights of way of cities for preferential price or gratis mode in accordance with the policies enacted by the council of economy and as introduced by the Ministry of Roads and urban Development.
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